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  • 4 years ago
Gamers On The Go #006 Mega Man V (GB)

Gamers On The Go #006 Mega Man V (GB)

It’s mentioned on the show that Mega Man V was one of the first Game Boy games to offer extra support for the Super Game Boy adapter. Here’s a picture of the special border you got while playing the game on the Super Game Boy.
Chase talks about speed runs of Mega Man games. If you’d like to see a speed run of Mega Man V, you can find a great one on Speed Demos Archive.
Video of the US-only, Game Gear version of Mega Man can be found here.
Tango the cat (mentioned briefly on the show as a character that debuted in Mega Man V,) makes two more appearances in the Mega Man universe. The first is in the Japan-only, Wonderswan-only sequel to Mega Man & Bass. The second is a cameo appearance on the item screen of the downloadable Mega Man 10 when you play as Proto Man.
To see the video that goes along with the closing theme of the show can be found here.