The Blender's Summer Festival :: LIVE July 2022



The Blender

Following on from our far-too-placid Summer Solstice, we've snapped back to the other end of the sonic spectrum with possibly our Blender-iest show yet. This time not only have we pulled out the Festival stops and got some EXCLUSIVE tracks from our one-hit-wonder Headline Act from yesterday - Rikki & Daz, but we're also mashing up our own features for a one-of-a-kind audio monster.

Plus! All of the regular Blender bits you've come to regard with suspicion:

- Rikki & Daz on the Main Stage
- The Blender's Health Warning
- Party Classics - Blender style
- B2B Extended Plays
- Sporadic Stone Cold Bangers
- Party Games with St. Winifred's School Choir
- ...and our Extended Play Health Warning Stone Cold Banger

Listen in! You may never do so again, and for good reason.