1 Year Supply of HONEY!


J'aime Julien

BUY YOUR DJ A DRINK: www.paypal.me/jaimejulien ||||||||||| LIKE & FOLLOW: www.facebook.com/jaimejulien www.facebook.com/malefizclub www.instagram.com/jaimejulien • Mixcloud: @jaimejulien ||||||||||| STREAM TIME: Mar 19 • 8pm-12am (cet) ||||||||||| Celebrating 1 year of HONEY & 11 years of MALEFIZ. Both will be back back back at the club again, as soon as the regulations allow it. Promise! While we’re waiting ’til we’re all vaccinated, a spoonful of HONEY helps the medicine go down! J’aime Julien (MALEFIZ, LOVE IN THE PARK, NAUGHTY NIGHT,...) will serve you that birthday cake, cake, cake, cake, cake!