Chaotic Neutral feat. Pamelia Stickney on

Chaotic Neutral feat. Pamelia Stickney on

7 years ago
Chaotic Neutral feat. Pamelia Stickney on
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You know that weird anime dubbed in russian you saw at 3am on some flight to a death metal symposium in Porto Novo? This show is kinda like that. Hosted by resident spazz Django Voris (Batfog, Fairy Scouts)
Tuesdays 2-4pm ET


Playing tracks by Tuxedomoon, Sugarlife, Blueblut, Pamelia Stickney, Pamelia Stickney, Sebastian Rochford and more.

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1. 59 to 1 - Tuxedomoon
2. Everything I Need Is In Your Pocket - Sugarlife
3. Hurts So Gut - Blueblut
4. Stockhom (Excerpt) - Pamelia Stickney
5. Hop - Pamelia Stickney, Sebastian Rochford
6. Witches Multiplication Table - Holger Czukay
7. The Sun Song - Embryo
8. Fig - Old Time Relijun
9. Arbeiter - Thinking Fellers Local Union 282
10. Milk Rock - Organization
11. Great Masters Of Melody - "Blue" Gene Tyranny
12. Feta Funk - David Torn, Mick Karn, Natacha Atlas, Richard Barbieri
13. Baby Ameoba Goes South - Buffalo Daughter
14. First Blow Struck - Peter Blegvad
15. In Bed With With Boys - Algebra Suicide
16. Fishking - Herb Diamante
17. Kimbolton Gnome Song - Renaldo & The Loaf
18. Passion of a Primitive - David Ball
19. Like Young - Essendon Airport
20. Grenzgänger - Cluster