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Lords Table "The 4 R's" 1st Corinthians 11. June 2nd, 2013

Lords Table "The 4 R's" 1st Corinthians 11. June 2nd, 2013

What does it mean to partake in the Lord's Table? Does God's word give us a reason not to take it? Or does it challenge and command us to be in a position that we can always take it? Lets see what God's word has to say!


Donald La Force

I don't know if I'll have time to listen to the whole message, but so far I like the idea of keeping remembrance in our hearts. Also we should be examining our lives. I don't know if I agree with you about the idea of walking around with a smile on your face all of the time even when your not feeling that way, I think people can see through that. I think the world falsely views Christians as those who should never fall or falter, that to me doesn't leave much hope for a fallen world. How can they live up to that standard? They need to see that there is only one way we can walk through different seasons that come to believers as well as non believers. They need to see us in our weaknesses and strengths and learn why we need to live under the shadow of the wing of our wonderful Savior whose was a spotless sacrifice and that is our hope. I hope I am getting my thoughts across in an accurate way. I can tell you, I am not always smiling. I did not smile through my divorce, deaths, depression, etc. I did try to call on Him in those times though and sometimes it didn't seem as though He was there, I had to cry out in my unbelief (I was still saved during those times, I was just troubled because I am an imperfect being being perfected along the way. Great sermon though, and we do need to give it to Him.