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  • 3 years ago
#143 Limitless Chinese—Mastering the 4 tones (lesson)

#143 Limitless Chinese—Mastering the 4 tones (lesson)

Ahhhh yes, the dreaded Chinese tone. As we launch this Laowai Chinese podcast series for all you beginner learners out there, we’ve got to start with the basics. In my experience, tones are one of the most dreaded and intimidating parts of learning Chinese but training your ear to differentiate between them will be what sets you apart from the majority of Laowai. In this show, we’ll spend a couple of minutes debunking the fear factor of tones, learn the 4 basic tones, and practicing a couple of tricky tone combinations that’ll get you well on your way to speaking like a pro. For Show Notes on this page and more, check out and with questions or suggestions, email Ally at [email protected] 3/2 combination practice检查 jiǎnchá解决 jiějué水平 shuǐpíng选择 xuǎnzé以前 yǐqián有名 yǒumíng本来 běnlái比如 bǐrú表格 biǎogé打折 dǎzhé导游 dǎoyóu否则 fǒuzé感觉 gǎnjué感情 gǎnqíng海洋 hǎiyáng减肥 jiǎnféi警察 Jǐngchá1/2 combination practice明天 míngtiān昨天 zuótiān房间 fángjiān旁边 pángbiān时间 shíj