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Limited Appeal - The Quebec Solution

Limited Appeal - The Quebec Solution

This episode's mailsack contains a friendly invitation from The Four Listeners Podcast. We briefly consider the appropriate way to respond, but we're actually not very good at appropriate, so the segment ends up being unnecessarily (but perhaps predictably) hostile. Yeah. Soooo, sorry about that Zeth. To be fair (or at least somewhat less unfair), since the recording I have listened to a bit of Listeners, and it's not so bad. They even have a possibly frequent Aussie guest Kath (I only listened to bits of one episode, so I can't be sure), whose voice is nearly (though not quite) as awesome as SVGs. Ahem. Anyhoo, since after this we still have some spare time – we also tackle some "current" events: the issue of separatism in Quebec. Warren suggests a change in nomenclature that will probably finally settle all the conflict. If you want to help with the production of the updated "Canadian" Heritage Minute vignette, starring Warren and his uncomfortable headset (we're thinking about you,