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Limited Appeal - The Assey Wonders of Wunderbar

Limited Appeal - The Assey Wonders of Wunderbar

After starting out with some excellent intro music (Sparks is da man!), Warren introduces this week's Urban Legend. This is an update of an earlier episode (Linda's Favourite Hiding Spot), in which Warren had described the invention of the dildo. Turns out the true origin of the DILbertDOugh is in fact botanical, but this time it involves witchcraft and the, ahem, vaginal "administration" of "flying ointment". (I'm not sure which set of quotation marks is more important, so I'm leaving both in.) Anyway, this is why witches are associated with broomsticks. See? All of a sudden the sexy-witch costumes at Hallowe'en take on a whole new dimension. And wait till you hear about why they hand out Hallowe'en chocolate bars! Absolutely filthy. If you have any stories of hypoglycemic intrusions to pass along, send us an email ([email protected]). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.