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Limited Appeal - Let Ted poke you with something else

Limited Appeal - Let Ted poke you with something else

Merry Tedmas, everyone! After a long hiatus, in honour of the season we return to the Superhero's Phone Booth for a special festive Tedmas session. The superhero is… Candy Cane Boy! He runs around poking people with his magical candy cane, and anyone he pokes who has been naughty instantly disintegrates into a snowy white powder (not sugar, just burned human). Candy Cane Boy then snorts the disintegrated naughty person, for some reason. I will quote Warren, who explains, "He's a dark hero." And how does the candy cane decide what qualifies as naughty? Does its philosophy evolve after careful introspection or persuasive arguments? How does it judge the gorilla whose nature is simply to shit, and then to throw? We contemplate these questions and more, considering the morality of this character, whether you judge him to be effective, or just an asshole. Let us know your verdict by email: ([email protected]). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac