46:10 of funharm - 1981 to 2021

46:10 of funharm - 1981 to 2021

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46:10 of funharm - 1981 to 2021
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Funharm is a home recording project that existed primarily from 1981 through 1988. It issued two 90-minute cassettes that covered the first five years; the "8.81 - 1.83" and "Segments" tapes (and downloads) can be gotten via Discogs and Bandcamp.

New(er) material is being assembled, and will be released as it presents itself.

There are three tracks from 2020-21 towards the end of this mix. The closing track, "Ideal Planes," is from 1988. Everything else is from the early/mid 80s.

Thank you for listening.


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