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Lil Furry Monster Presents, LFM Dead: Episode #10 “Alone”

Lil Furry Monster Presents, LFM Dead: Episode #10 “Alone”

Lil Furry Monster Presents: LFM DEAD: Episode #10 “Alone”
Let’s start things off with the most insignificant of flashbacks. There’s poor little Bob all alone on the tracks. What’s this?  A cave?? Looks like the perfect place to enjoy this sizzurp I crave…Hey friend…How many walkers you take out? A couple more than twelve, I didn’t really keep count. Would you like to come with us? Absolutely just say when. Cool, my name is Darryl and that there is Glenn. Can’t see through this fog, quick get in a circle! Oh no looks like one bit Urkel! Don’t worry Sasha it got me on the bandage. We should use this miracle to our advantage. Off to bed go Bob and his love muffin, now Maggie can sneak away to find her husband. Do not risk your lives for me, Glenn is still alive you’ll see. Sasha, we can’t be alone, we can’t leave Maggie, unless you want to end up in a body baggie. I should leave some signs, if only I had some finger paint. I know I’ll slice up this walker and I’ll start from its taint.