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LFM’s Pull List: Issue #30 "Hooked on Fonics Worked For Me"

LFM’s Pull List: Issue #30 "Hooked on Fonics Worked For Me"

Lil Furry Monster Presents: LFM's Pull List: Issue #30 "Hooked On Fonics Worked For Me"
LFM's Pull List: Issue #30. The Pull List turns 30!!! Or hit the wall if you ask Los. Vito D has returned from his man date with the Man of Steel. We let his absence slide but today’s intro music, meant to celebrate something awesome, stirs up some unsettled emotions for poor Vito D. It leads to a discussion about unruly comic shops. Are comic shops their own worst enemy when it comes to new readers? Remember when we said the intro was meant for something awesome? Well just when Los’ faith in humanity was at his all time low, Faith now restored thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco. We celebrate Batkid, Miles Scott as he saves Gotham City from the likes of the Riddler and Penguin. It truly was one of the coolest things we have ever seen. Hats off to everyone involved. It must’ve really affected Los in a great way; he even had something nice to say about Marvel’s Agents