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  • 2 years ago

Beefcake #21
The proverbial cork had been popped. The fuse had been blown. The butt had been chaffed. The serenity was zilch. I had overheated. I was done. I was raging. I was friggin hot. Words cannot even express the level of frustration that I reached yesterday. My God, I was angry. I was old school angry- like shaky, crying, fixin to bust someone's head kind of angry. I was pissed.

I took Amanda's vehicle back to the dealership to have an alignment issue resolved, which was supposed to have been resolved two weeks ago. On top of long wait times, incorrect information, an outstanding demonstration of incompetency, and an entire dealership of apathetic employees, was a team smart ass-ed service writers in charge of "providing me with customer care". It was a disaster.

I really had no place that I needed to be, as I could work from my computer inside their customer lounge. However, the wait time reached a level of ridiculousness. It was abundantly clear that the person in charge of