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  • 2 years ago
Day 68! How Do I Get A 3% Loan For $300,000?

Day 68! How Do I Get A 3% Loan For $300,000?

See my willingness today to ask bold questions to solve huge challenges in my life such as getting out of $270,000 in debt and gain inspiration to do the same in your life! Would you help me learn how to get a 3% loan for a total amount of $300,000 whether it be 300 $1,000 loans or one loan for the entire amount? In helping me learn how to do this, you will empower me to help others do the same. With so many debt crises nearly certain events in our future, I am seeking to help as many others get out of owing money on student loans, credit cards, and personal loans because I want the same results as well. People who are debt free have a much easier time being financially independent. Financially independent people then are in a great position to help others get out of debt and do what they love each day.

What I hope you enjoy listening to this is seeing the courage I have to ask a different question instead of being ashamed of my debt and never speaking it. The questions I used t