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  • 1 year ago
God - Will God Forgive Me?

God - Will God Forgive Me?

Every day people turn to Google to answer questions of different magnitudes. Religion, politics, fashion, family, health, business - Google knows it all! From "Are we alone in the universe" to "How do I get a passport?" to "Where do babies come from?" to "Is it bad that I talk to myself?", 3.3 billion questions are entrusted to Google each day. That is 1,375,000 questions per hour asked to a search engine. The omniscient Google answers 22,916 questions per minute and 382 questions per second. These aren’t just "How do I remove a shoe scuff?" type of questions. People turn to Google to answer "What is my purpose?", "How do I overcome anxiety?", "Why am I so angry?", "Am I unlovable?" What would we do without Google? Maybe that is the problem? We’ve made a search engine insensible while putting the Creator of the Universe on hold. Maybe we wish God was more like Google? That He would just answer our questions and not bring up anything we don’t want to talk about. That He could be an app