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  • 1 year ago

Every so often a movie comes out with an unexpected twist in the plot that surprises everyone. These unexpected or “surprise” changes in the flow of the movie generate a lot of discussion from the viewers. Many will watch the movie a second or third time to find the clues they might have missed in earlier viewings. Once you know the “surprise” those clues seem more obvious. **SPOILER ALERT** After all, who couldn’t see that Darth Vader was the father of Luke Skywalker? As we look at Acts 2 and the coming of the Holy Spirit, there were some obvious statements by Jesus that he would be leaving in order to send the Holy Spirit (John 15 and 16; Acts 1). The disciples were given the promise of the Holy Spirit by Jesus Himself. He was very clear on what the role of the Holy Spirit would be. But hearing a promise is not the same as experiencing that promise. The story told in Acts 2, for some of us today, is a familiar one. But for the disciples and those who were present, the coming of the H