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Cypher System Session 4-1

Cypher System Session 4-1

Valos (Shadow Raven) - John
Decurro Laren - John
Milo Sonder - Trevor
GM – Jesse

With the klaxon blaring away Myra slowly snaps herself out of her stupor. Assessing the situation, her first move is to disable the alarm in the cargo hold giving some respite from the noise. Then she begins moving topside to find the others. On the way she notices a clicking sound behind her and turns to find someone attaching a device to the ship. Throwing back her hood to revel her frightful visage the “man” stumbles back revealing himself to be one of the attacking birdmen.   Letting out a squawk, he jumps over the side on to the back of a waiting raster and flies away. Myra deftly pops off the device sending it over the side and into the sea.

Continuing towards the top deck the ship is wracked by a series of explosions tilting the ship off center and sending the Bitter Mother crashing into a reef. Myra finds Milo hunkered down near some barrels. Just then, Decurro and Valos come up over the side of