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Left Of Nashville: Season 2, Ep.2 "Let's Mix It Up!"

Left Of Nashville: Season 2, Ep.2 "Let's Mix It Up!"

In this episode, Brandon talks about the power that we all have in today’s age of technology. We have access to better yet less expensive tools than the Beatles had when they were at the top of their game.

The playing field has been leveled but we still find excuses to not release our music into the world. Brandon talks about how it is fear and self doubt that holds us back today, not a lack of access to tools and know how.

Brandon A/B compares the first versions of his songs with the new versions that he recorded for the pending licensing deal in Los Angeles.

Brandon talks about how the limitations he had with recording were blessings in disguise.

Brandon describes his equipment and the training course he used (The Recording Revolution: Rethink Mixing) to mix these songs. 

Brandon warns about getting bogged down in the many technical aspects of mixing that are argued about online. The Recording Revolution preaches minimalism in the mixing approach, and doesn’t get lost in th