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Racial Reconciliation

Racial Reconciliation

For what seems like eons, every time you turn on the news there seems to be an issue with race. Baltimore, Ferguson, New York, even in our own back yard of Charlotte. It seems as a society we are not moving in the right direction when it comes to racial issues. How do we as Christians deal with racial issues?
In this episode, the Laymen discuss how to we reconcile this issue of race. In our own backyard, South Carolina, they took down the Confederate Flag that flew over the capitol for years. What does that flag mean? For many it is a symbol of heritage, but do people truly get the meaning of that heritage? It means something different for all people. Ultimately, what is the perspective of that symbol to the Christian?
Another issue that is discussed in this episode is: is the church a model of racial reconciliation? When we look down the street, is the church as diverse as the culture it is placed in? In most cases, there are white churches and then black churches as you look down tha