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EP19: Does God Still Speak?

EP19: Does God Still Speak?

A few weeks ago the Laymen discussed the Reformation. Out of the Reformation came the idea of the Solas. One of them is called “Solas Scriptura,” which means “Scripture Alone.” The idea of this Solas is that Scripture has authority in a person’s life. We do not hold to this because of the Reformation. We believe it because of Scripture itself.
2nd Timothy 3:16 tells us that “All Scripture is God breathed.” We know that the Bible comes from God. Everything that we are to know about God is in His Word. The Bible describes everything we need to know about Salvation, about God’s attributes,and about his mercies. For most Christians, this is not a new revelation, they would be in full agreement. How does this translate in your beliefs? People either hold tradition, experience, or Scripture as their authority. Which one should reign? Whichever one holds the most weight will determine your belief system. After this episode you will be able to determine if a person really holds Scripture as th