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Ep 20: What is the Right Way to Read the Bible?

Ep 20: What is the Right Way to Read the Bible?

Last week the Laymen discussed the authority of Scripture. In that episode we stated that as Christians, we need to read the Bible as that is how God reveals Himself to us. The question in this episode is; how do we read the Bible? We all agree that we must read the Bible redemptively. What does that mean? It means that we read the Scripture in the light of the Gospel. Even in the Old Testament, the purpose is to point us to the Cross.
This being a big topic, we invited Dr. Chris Griggs to help the Laymen explain how to read the Bible redemptively and why it is important. If you are a frequent listener, Dr. Griggs is not a stranger to you. He is the Pastor of Denver Baptist Church. The main thought that he gave us is to ask five questions as we read the Bible.
1. How does this passage show the character of God?
2. How does this passage show my need of a savior?
3. How does this passage point me to the cross?
4. How does this passage show us the love of Christ?
5. How does this passage