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End Times According to the Laymen: Episode 9

End Times According to the Laymen: Episode 9

Eschatology is the study of the end times. In this episode we will discuss the end times according to the Laymen. What do we mean by that? We will agree that Jesus will one day come back for his church; this Jesus was clear about. The question remains, in what manner is this event going to happen? For the Laymen, this is what we call an open handed question. The reason this is open handed, is because there are three main views, and these views do not change your salvation.
The three main views are Pre-Millennial, Post-Millennial and Amillennial. The issue within these views is not if Jesus is coming back, or if the rapture will happen, it is the timing of the rapture. In a Pre-Millennial view, it is believed that the rapture will occur before a tribulation, and then the Millenium (meaning the thousand year reign of Christ on Earth) will happen. In a Post-Millennial view, Christianity will spread, and once it has spread throughout the earth, then, Christ will come and reign. The Amillen