More Jah Songs

More Jah Songs

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More Jah Songs
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A selection of UK Roots with strong spiritual message, from mid-'90s tunes by Rasheda/Disciples and Naphtali/Jah Warrior to recent releases of Black Redemption and Sufferah's Choice.

"When I make music, I make music with a message, and that runs very deep with me. I hope people pick up on this you know, because it is very important to me. This is what I feel. Reggae music is music of the heart, so it has to GET INTO your heart. You have to ask yourself, why are you checking out reggae? It's heart music, message music. Energy music. I feel this music that I play." - Russ D.


Playing tracks by Sis Rasheda, Naphtali, Jah warrior, The Shanti-Ites, Prince Alla and more.