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James Bond / Do we expect him to die?

James Bond / Do we expect him to die?


Karin Holloway

You almost almost almost said it ! You almost said what I'd like to replace Bond with - but will never ever be because we had more freedom in the 12th century than we have now. Damn - I wish someone had the balls to give us a Robin Hood. Maybe even one that cracked sarcastic jokes and cared about the poor, the kicked by all the rich folk and their governments, and cared about our dying Earth. A hero who will find ways to criminally suck the blood out of the criminally rich - is devilishly wicked ways. Who has cool friends who can do all sorts of things to help him, all together, as Merry Men who enjoy screwing the screwers – and laughing - even though they know it really isn't funny. Maybe Robin will be a hero who will make us become heroes (and heroines) rather than pick up guns and knives and pretend to be he-man spies. Yeah - and replace crap games that are based on the same killing shit - fogive me my french, please; it's late and I'm always pissed off at the way things are and I teeter on the edge of almost being depressed. Almost but ... not really. Just enuf to make me do what I can as a sort-of Robina Hood. In a way. Yup – you guys got so close to what I've been wishing someone would write and make for a few years – I want to see it!
Enjoyable listening.


We almost say a lot of things, we do!