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New Year, New Show

New Year, New Show

In this episode Kiel and Lauren King are discussing New Year’s Resolutions, Training VS Exercise, and the importance of Technique during movement.  NYR:  It is that time of the year where the gyms get flooded with so many individuals with great fitness intentions!  We are going to discuss the best ways to plan and execute the resolutions for successful results.Training VS Exercise:  What is the difference between training and exercise?  We tackle this topic with ruthless aggression as we so often see one style leads to the unforgivable GYM PLATEAU! Here you willlearn about Jim Wendler’s 5, 3, 1 and the 5 X 5 method for beginner/intermediate lifters.Technique:  Greatest way to stay efficient and injury free is by practicing the best technique during any particular movement.  Not being able to stay technical throughout a lift may be an indication of a potential problem, the dreaded muscle imbalance.