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The Four Worlds - 10 - Knowing & Not Knowing

The Four Worlds - 10 - Knowing & Not Knowing

The Four Worlds - Part 10
“Knowing & Not Knowing”
(Recorded at the Intown Jewish Academy on February 7, 2016)

There are things you know. There are things you don't know. Then there are things you don't know, but you know what they're not.

The Kabbalists call these two types of knowing "direct perception" and "indirect perception." In direct perception you know what a thing is -- you can define it, grasp it, you get it. In indirect perception you don't actually know what a thing is. All you know is what it's not. Which does help somewhat, since now at least you've eliminated some potential definitions.

We experience these dual-modalities of knowing in virtually every area of life. Even in our justice system. In fact, a large part of what intrigues us about true crime cases has to do with direct and indirect perceptions.

In this session of Kabbalah & Coffee we explore the fascinating world of knowing and not knowing, and uncover amazing insights about ourselves, our world, and the g