ElJot aka Ele Jota

Salzburg, Austria

Eljot aka EleJota del Klub Tropical as a DJ may not be pigeonholed to a single style. He's always between the seats but mostly to be found on the dancefloor. Parts of of the program incorporate Dancefloor Jazz, 60ties Sounds, Indie Pop, House, Breakbeats to Drum & Bass may be parts of the party.

Since staying for a longer period in Latin America and the Canary Islands his programm is fueled with the ingredients of Música Latina as are Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa Choke, Reggaeton and other Caribbean Sounds. From this moment on eljot got the additional alter ego Ele Jota del Klub Tropical.

The dancefloor for single dancers as well as for social dancing is the base for the style considered to be specific sound ofa Klub Tropical, hot, steamy and full of passion. Radioprogrammings like „Radio Desayuno“ and „The In-Crowd“ on Radiofabrik.at as well as streams here will provide this good mood and feeling.

Moreover eljot is a member of the „Kollektiv Tanzbar“ DJ Group in Salzburg/Austria


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