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Dj Kite on Mixcloud Select | Mixcloud

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Dj Kite on Mixcloud Select | Mixcloud

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Dj Kite on Mixcloud Select | Mixcloud

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...The Music.... it's a great world with the huge knowledge which the people sent to the future through space and time.... from the start of the just from the first beats of the first drum on the our planet... For me of course the mostly of my life it became the world of the Electronic Music. First time i faced with this world at end of 90... From that time, this music and culture became a main part of my life. This left great trace in my consciousness...and it was a start of my dip to amazing, absolutely different and unbelievable world of Psychedelic sounds and energy.
Dj Kite

Dj Kite

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Find a Balance

Find a Balance

so the story is not simple and it is not the ended and may be not truth

AIR RADIOSHOW ::session 2::

AIR RADIOSHOW ::session 2::

regards to everyone!!!

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