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The Natural Health Show 5 (Natural Dentistry)

The Natural Health Show 5 (Natural Dentistry)

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Anna Watson presents wholistic and natural arguments for modern dentistry.
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Caroline Martin

Absolutely fascinating! thank you Anna x


Donald, thanks so much for commenting. In this case raw dairy and low grains and low sugar seem good for teeth, but that doesn't mean that we need to include dairy or meat in our diets to be healthy of course. I run a Natural health Network with mums from different traditions and cultures, and it is hard to balance these differences.

Of course breast milk is key, I trained as a breast feeding counsellor, but our culture does many things which are not natural or healthy and we have to reconcile what we do all the time. Natural is often to do with culture and belief and era and the level of processing involved.

Soya bean is natural but I wouldn't say that processed GM soya milk or unfermented soya is natural or healthy for example, you need to look at the detail to look into different brands and who is consuming the soya (boys may be harmed from the high levels of estrogen, all may be harmed if the crop is GM but menopausal woman may benefit from the estrogen) .

We may not have the enzymes to digest homogonised milk and some can't digest the protein from milk, and pasterization creates lots of puss but raw milk is very different. For those who are not allergic to the protein or who are not vegan, then raw milk would be the preference.

Cheap milk, pasteurized, homeogenised, grain fed and factory based is not a good product or ethical. But where small herds are grass fed, with respect for husbandry, I feel is a better standard ethically and nutritionally. Butter is only a good fat if it is from grass fed cattle as it is full of fat soluble vit D & A missing in our diets. But here many would disagree. The medics at the moment are blaming saturated fats for high cholesterol and the vegans would say that any animal product is ethically wrong.

I was vegetarian for 15 years and haven't reconciled many things myself regarding ethics and health and laziness - I will try to be more considerate of vegan views on health in future shows as there is always an alternative. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and to comment.

Donald Leung

How is having milk and other dairy products natural for adults and children Anna? Milk is clearly for infants and each species has its own particular formula of milk. How is butter a good fat? Its well known how milk contains a lot of pasteurized puss and blood. I don't know about about the quality of organic raw milk but it's still taking from a baby cow.

Rinsing the mouth after a meal with clean water is a good dental hygiene practice to deter acidic tooth decay. Thank you for the great dental health info.