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  • 2 years ago

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:
1. What are some regular acts of selfishness you personally see on a daily or weekly basis? What have been some of the worst demonstrations of pride & selfishness that you’ve personally seen. How did you respond to those situations? What are some of the best acts of selflessness and serving that you’ve seen or experienced? How did that make you feel?

2. Have you ever had to work through and resolve disunity? (home, workplace, church?) How did these situations resolve back toward unity?

3. Read Philippians 1-5. In these verses, what is Paul calling us to draw upon in order to do the things we’re called to do? What is the source of those motivators, and why is that important?

4. Have you ever been guilty of selfish ambition, vein conceit, or empty glory? If so, what has God taught you (or changed in you) through that situation? How have you demonstrated (or someone demonstrated to you) an act or life-style of putting others before oneself,