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Free to Hope, Romans 8:18-27

Free to Hope, Romans 8:18-27

Questions for discussion:

1. Have you ever been in a 'game changing' situation? What was it?
How was the situation entirely changed for you?

2. For context, read Romans 7:14-20. Have you ever experienced
anything like that? Can you relate to what Paul is saying in any way?

3. How would you describe 'hope?' Have you ever had to wait for
something you didn't have? What was that like?

4. Verse 25 says that we hope for what we do not yet have. What do you
suppose that is (v.23)? Do you wait/hope for that? Why or why not?

5. V.26 says that the Spirit helps us in our weakness. How does the
Spirit help you in your weakness? Is the Spirit a 'game changer' for you?

6. There are no commands in all of Romans 8. So what difference do
these verses make to you on Monday-Friday? What is our appropriate response?