WCR - Dark Train C19#17 - Kate Bosworth - 20-07-20

WCR - Dark Train C19#17 - Kate Bosworth - 20-07-20

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WCR - Dark Train C19#17 - Kate Bosworth - 20-07-20

Seventeenth Dark Train of the C19 series.
First broadcast from Warminster Community Radio on the 20th July 2020.
Bring out your dead


Playing tracks by Darren Tyler & Chris Moore, Qualchan, Wonderful Beasts, Alessandro Canova, Chuck W and more.

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Another cracking show. Qualchan’s track was dar too short, Boobs Of Doom is an amazing name for a band / producer and as for Tom Jones..? Well, I don’t mind, but THAT song? It’s not a patch on the beautiful original by Gillian Welch.

Dark Train

Thank you Budgie, yeah I have a Boobs Of DOOM t-shirt, it sick! Hehe good old Tom, what struck me with that song is the flanged guitar, I love it *throws virtual stained pants*! She’s a Lady though!! I play that every Friday afternoon! Thank you to the link to Gillian Welch, I was unaware of her, just checking her out now. Cheers Budgie πŸ„πŸ™πŸ„

Anticipating Nowhere

Absolutely blinding

Dark Train

Thank you so much Simon. Legend β˜ΊοΈπŸ„β˜ΊοΈ

Forest Robots (Fran Dominguez)

Always a broadcast too nice not to hear twice. Loved it on Monday, and loving it again today. Brilliant as always, Kate. Thank you for including Forest Robots, of course. Ever so grateful for your support.

Dark Train

Thank you Fran, two times!! You’re brave! After Geography (or whatever I call it on a weekly basis) is such a stunning album Fran β™ΎπŸ™β™Ύ


What can I say, Kate. You're a master with the mixes! And thank you again for playing Denebula. A+ mix.

Dark Train

Thank you so much Survey Channel, it paired proper nice with DVS, it’s a lovely song πŸ™πŸ„πŸ™

Dark Train

Darren Tyler & Chris Moore – From The Shard 2 The Galaxie
Qualchan – Cinemax
Wonderful Beasts – She Is The Melody Man
Alessandro Canova – Mirrored Body
Chuck W – Back And Forth
Gnod – Faca De Terra
Boobs Of DOOM - ~=kinkyknik=~
Martin Christie – The End Of All Things (Werra Foxma Remix)
Forest Robots – Of Birds Migrating In The Distance
Simon Klee – A Whispered Promised
Rupert Lally – How Does It Feel To Be A Killer?
Deadly Avenger & Si Begg – Mujina
Orbury Common – New Moon Nudes-Those Who Came Before Us (Acid Sunrise mix)
Tom Jones – Elvis Presley Blue
Dogs Versus Shadows – Ghost On The Shore
Survey Channel – Denebula
Elizabeth Joan Kelly & Geiger Von MΓΌller – Blue Monn Frequency #2b [Summer Mix]
Cross The Grasslands – Oh, Mr. Grasshopper
Arigto – Her Face Coalesced In The Masquerade
HRZL – High Rise
Conflux Coldwell – Ran Aground Off Thanet
David Shire – Manhatten Skyline
Demian Licht – Die Kraft
Camp Of Wolves – Black Forest