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JKP! Ep.9: Like A Comedy Missile

JKP! Ep.9: Like A Comedy Missile

Zack is back, and just in time to be utterly baffled by Brandon, Josh, and Tom as they try to explain Valve's latest shenanigans. Other discussions veer off towards topics such as failed game marketing strategies, comic nerd throw-downs, and the inexplicably disturbing sexual aspirations of the Japanese. Also, the file size is now drastically smaller. Neat!
Show highlights:

0:01:45  -  Chile's incredible and terrifying earthquake is both scientifically interesting and mildly terrifying

0:06:42  -  Valve's been up to some sneaky, awesome hijinks to hint towards new products, standing in stark contrast to the blatant and botched marketing strategies of other companies! Hey, let's talk about that for over twenty minutes! OKAY!

0:27:00  -  Poor Sony just cannot catch a break, as evidenced by their bizarre, worldwide online bug from this past Monday

0:29:58  -  We discuss the easily mockable career of American McGee after the announcement of his newest game, Red

0:36:50  -  Brandon has