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JKP! Ep.8: Link Sync Pop-Tart

JKP! Ep.8: Link Sync Pop-Tart

While Zack is away, Brandon, Josh, and Tom find the strength to carry on with discussions about tonally neutered cartoon characters, good shows precariously held by incapable hands, and earning gamer points for writing letters to grandma. Don't worry... it's still too long.
Show Highlights:

0:01:20  -  Tom likes the Lost recap from, but Brandon likes an old Star Wars retelling better

0:03:27  -  Tom doesn't really want to talk about Lost, though

0:05:00  -  So we describe funny internet videos we've seen, like this and this and this

0:15:10  -  George Lopez is making a god damned Speedy Gonzales movie and we can pretty much tell you how that'll work out

0:36:12  -  Brandon is concerned about the fate of Adventure Time

1:02:30  -  Intermission!

1:03:00  -  We give thanks to our one iTunes review, courtesy of a guy whose name Tom and Brandon forgot

1:05:53  -  Go read AXE COP, among other things

1:08:35  -  We all make jerk-off motions in response to The Only Thing I