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JKP! Ep.74: DC’s Discoball Mohawk

JKP! Ep.74: DC’s Discoball Mohawk

In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern movie can't escape the sight of Brandon, Josh and Zack. Find out what our boys thought of this attempt to legitimize the lanterns within the hearts and minds of mainstream america, then stick around for a second half that addresses DC's impending September relaunch and retcon of every single title at an all-new #1 (with same-day digital distribution, to boot)! It's an intensely comics-heavy podcast this week, so have wikipedia at the ready. Enjoy!

Show highlights:

0:01:21 - No time is wasted as Brandon and Zack begin their assessment of Green Lantern's feature film debut.

0:04:49 - Josh finally arrives to join in on the... fun... and add the perspective of a GL fan of two decades and change.

0:38:13 - Josh segues into a point about overwhelming summer disappointments (not to spoil our overall opinion or anything, ha haaa) which leads to an overall superhero discussion.

0:58:13 - Intermission! Featuring Michael Kohler's JLA/Sup