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JKP! Ep.68: Big Goofy Dinosaur Face

JKP! Ep.68: Big Goofy Dinosaur Face

Gather your free comics and grab hold of your ear buds as we hurtle through time in a special Thor-centric podcast! The first half sees Brandon and Josh entertaining one another with chit-chat about Star Wars, Dead Rising 2, and pinkeye for sad pirates. Then: three hours winks by in one brief intermission as Brandon, Josh and Zack all see Thor in theaters, then return for an almost-immediate, reactionary review! Note: spoilers abound, so if you want your Asgard experience to be pure and untainted, stay away from the last hour and a half. It's another week, another typically atypical episode here at JKP... Enjoy!
Show highlights:

0:00:00 - Some early Marvel creator confusion leads rather naturally into a Free Comic Book Day discussion. (Several wrong things are said here. They are corrected later. Wait for it.)

0:08:13 - "Star Wars Day" has also come and gone, along with news about the impending, absolutely ridiculous blu-ray collector's set.

0:20:20 - And now:  a discussion about pr