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JKP! Ep.67: Oven Mitts & Flypaper

JKP! Ep.67: Oven Mitts & Flypaper

With Brandon away on vacation, Tom boldly steps up to the plate and takes over hosting/recording/editing duties this week-- joined by all-american girl Josh-- to talk about pretty much everything that's been going on recently in the world of video games, from Sony to Mortal Kombat to Portal 2 and beyond! Be warned: Portal 2 spoilers abound!

Show highlights:
00:00:00 - It BEGINS.
00:05:00 - Laundry is done!
00:06:30 - PSN, hackers, Sony Failing, punishment, you know, the usual...
00:15:20 - Funky PANTS
00:19:00 - Something shiney and new doesn't interest Tom?! BLASPHEMY!
00:37:00 - Josh's strategy to eliminate used games
00:44:00 - Mortal Kombat and fighting game time with some Capcom trash talk and our love for NetherRealm
01:00:00 - Marvel MMOWHOGIVESASHIT so we talk about other MMOs and other better games.
01:07:00 - One of the biggest Superheroes of all time has something he wants to tell us...
1:15:30 - Portal 2 Talk Time: Game of the Year for these guys...