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JKP! Ep.59: Who’s the Other Butt?

JKP! Ep.59: Who’s the Other Butt?

After two weeks' worth of failed attempts and delayed recordings, our heroes Brandon, Tom, and Josh rally together to talk about some damn video games, damn it! Will Brandon ever play anything other than Arcade mode in MvC3? Has Tom become a master of shooting hovering bad guys in the butt? Can Josh stop playing fucking Tetris on his new spacephone long enough to give a damn? The answers to these important questions and more await you in this exciting, extra-late episode!

Show highlights:

0:06:12 - Marvel vs Capcom 3 is finally! Out! No one enjoys playing it, apparently! Wait, what?

0:29:22 - Heidi walks around the group to avoid derailing the recording, inadvertently resulting in a total derailing of the recording.

0:35:00 - Josh has been playing Assassin's Creed 2 for the first time, and he is quite taken by it. You guys heard of it? You should try it.

1:03:37 - Intermission! ...featuring "Audio Avenue" by chiptunes virtuoso FantomenK!

1:04:54 - Internet sweetheart and "Your