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JKP! Ep.54: The Apocawhoops

JKP! Ep.54: The Apocawhoops

A new year dawns! Alliances are forged once more! Welcome to year two of Jump Kick Punch! Brandon, Josh, Tom, and Zack unite to establish the new norm for the coming year, which is a lot like the old norm: Kinect is criticized, DC and Marvel's summer events are mocked, Taskmaster is admired, and games both new and old are discussed in great detail! Get ready for three solid hours of the best recording in weeks, plus a whole slew of listener emails!
Show highlights:

0:03:00 - Everyone played Kinect on new Year's Eve! Opinions vary! But not that much.

0:20:31 - Alright, well, what's the group's opinion on Dance Central? Inquiring minds!

0:37:28 - Tom gets a special surpriiiiiiise.

0:40:25 - DC's Flashpoint event is probably going to tank hard with readers...

0:52:42 - Marvel's Fear Itself crossover event sounds ambiguously lame, but the teaser images are kind of cool!

1:01:03 - Intermission!

1:02:01 - Brandon rekindles last week's brief nod to Taskmaster being leaked as a characte