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JKP! Ep.30: Listener Emails, Godzilla’s Ass Edition!

JKP! Ep.30: Listener Emails, Godzilla’s Ass Edition!

To celebrate a half-year's worth of podcasts, Brand, Josh, Tom, and Zack gather 'round the the giant stack of emails they've been sitting on and answer each and every one of them. Seriously. Get ready for two full hours of listener emails, answered in excruciating detail, and featuring a small, surprise guest at the very end who successfully derails the entire show!

Our questions this week:

0:04:35 - Billy asks us to choose one superpower

0:27:00 - Lance writes in to ask for more written content!

0:29:50 - Ben sent Josh info for a JKP Netflix account... what happened to that, Josh?

0:32:06 - Lianne writes in to say very complimentary things. Thanks, Lianne! Josh then immediately derails her nice email by being Josh.

0:34:50 - Billy writes in again, asking us to talk about the use of video games as learning tools

0:47:19 - INTERMISSION! On an email podcast!

0:50:50 - Billy answers Tom's tweet about which games he's been playing (and also earns an email-writing hat trick!)