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JKP! Ep.29: A Halo Made of Dogs

JKP! Ep.29: A Halo Made of Dogs

The barbeque pits lie in ruins and the fun-sized-flags have been packed away for another year, but that won't stop Brandon, Josh, and Tom from throwing their own Post-Independence-Day Podcast celebration. Why stop the party when there's a Wonder Woman retcon, a Spider-Man casting announcement, and a new Miyamoto tease to talk about? Throw away those safety goggles and ignore all printed warning labels as we unleash our own dazzling brand of verbal fireworks upon your senses, which is the easily worst phrase on this site to date. We are smashing records and paving new ground all the damn time up in here.

Show highlights:

0:01:14 - Barely one minute into the podcast, and already things are falling apart in hysterical ways

0:02:30 - Wonder Woman has been redesigned in both origin and costume, and we take our time dissecting all the reasons that this was a bad idea

0:43:55 - Andrew Garfield is the new Spider-Man! Finally! Now, who the hell is Andrew Garfield! Question Mark! (Also, Tom