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JKP! Ep.27: Listener Emails, Deceptive Fruit Pies Edition!

JKP! Ep.27: Listener Emails, Deceptive Fruit Pies Edition!

Our release schedule may be slipping wildly into the realm of uncertainty, but that doesn't mean our boys ain't takin' the time to address your deepest, most urgent concerns! This week the fearsome foursome tackles questions from listeners, via email and voicemail, that cover such diverse topics as edible gas station treats, rampant online thievery, and James Cameron being a mega-douche.

Our questions this week:

0:01:56 - Shadra asks for some important advice concerning mysteriously inaccurate fruit pies and dietary indiscretion.

0:10:52 - We catch Zack up and have him choose his personal fighting game "super move"

0:16:16 - Stone writes in to ask what we think about online piracy of comics and other IP

0:29:18 - Tom abandons us, but we soldier on to answer the majority of Ben's second, gigantic list of "who would win in a fight" match-ups
Pete the Pelican Postman says:
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