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JKP! Ep.21: Pube’d Too Hard

JKP! Ep.21: Pube’d Too Hard

Lost is over, and we can finally move on as a people... but before we do, it's time for Tom, Brandon, and special guest Heidi to work together and answer some lingering mysteries, Encyclopedia Brown style! Then, after a short break, we flash sideways to a different half of the show where Brandon, Zack, and Josh talk about their personal favorite 2D fighters.

Show highlights:
0:02:10 - Have you guys seen this show 'Lost'? It's pretty amazing.
0:15:50 - Brandon, without seeing it with his own eyes, attempts to summarize the finale based on recaps he's read and conversations he's overheard
0:29:50 - Brandon, Tom, and Heidi leap headfirst into a compiled list of remaining questions
1:09:25 - Intermission!
1:11:46 - Brandon runs down a list of top-rated series finales, where Lost is ranked #55
1:18:05 - Josh grabs a glass of Kool-Aid and waxes enthusiastic over the announcement of an impending Mass Effect movie
1:29:28 - Listener mail! Billy asks about our personal favorite 2D fighters, an