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JKP! Ep.14: Colon Boy Wonder

JKP! Ep.14: Colon Boy Wonder

Our nerdy quartet is back at full strength after two weeks of absences, and just in time to discuss the final chapter of DC's Blackest Night. We also talk about more terrible and unavoidable Star Wars projects, forums spoiling the entirety of Sonic 4, and how gee-dee crazy Frank Miller is. Also-also, more emails-- this time with questions!

Show highlights:

0:01:18  -  DC's Blackest Night is over, and an appropriately wide range of emotions is the result!

0:27:05  -  Suddenly: an adorable bunny

0:30:36  -  Bruce Wayne? Coming back? Get outta town.

0:34:12  -  All-Star Batman & Robin is changing its name to Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, which is just sad and funny and sad, also pathetic (and sad)

0:39:04  -  No no, Bunny! Awwww, bunny.

0:40:30  -  Talkin' 'bout Jim Lee segues to talkin' 'bout DC Universe segues to talkin' 'bout MMO's in general

0:47:15  -  Red Letter Media's Attack of the Clones review is long, but a pretty entertaining watch

1:00:15  -  Is there any chance in hell t