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  • 10 months ago
Jumpgate Episode 121 - Objects at Rest

Jumpgate Episode 121 - Objects at Rest

G'kar has gone off to find adventure with Lyta, leaving T'Lon to ride herd on the irascible Narn True Believers. Garibaldi steps into leadership of Edgars Industries, and brings along some surprising wingmen. Franklin leaves a Generalist in charge of Medlab. Vir puts on Londo's shoes... and they aren't too tight. President Sheridan and Delenn leave for Minbar, and salute those who take up the mantles of leadership they leave behind. A terrible split-second betrayal by Lennier sends him into deep space to seek atonement, Emperor Londo Mollari gifts the Presidential couple a biological time bomb in a vase, and Sheridan sends his fatherly wisdom into the future... This week on Jumpgate!