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Left Brain/ Right Brain - Exercise Your Brain with 2 POVs

Left Brain/ Right Brain - Exercise Your Brain with 2 POVs

Comedian/ Motivational Speaker/ Radio Host Judy Croon interviews left brain thinkers (i.e. speakers, psychologists, authors) and right brain thinkers (i.e. psychics, comedians, yogis, animal lovers).

Left Brain/ Right Brain is a show that aims to make listeners smarter by enlightening both sides of their brain with left brain/ right brain interviews.

Today's subject: The Pope vs Big Oil - Recently, Pope Francis released a paper that condemns big oil, greed and capitalism for contributing to climate change.
Representing the left logical, analytical brain is entrepreneur, investor and AM 640 Business Commentator Lou Schizas.
Representing the right, bright ideas, creative brain is comedian, fundraiser and activist Martha Chaves.

Be entertained, informed and expand your brain with Left Brain/ Right Brain.

if you have a subject that you are passionate about , if you’re knowledgeable about, if you are a scientist or an artist, if you are politician or an activist, if you are tech geek o