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I love music. Tribal & deep house, Latin & African house, a teeny bit of sexy r&b, practically anything percussion-laden, mixes with hints of ethnic chanting & bongo drums, plus songs I associate with delightful moments. I can appreciate almost all genres, some electronic genres and most house sub-genres, however tribal house is my forever first choice and deep house my second. Tribal house music is definitely going to remain right at the very top of my musical hierarchy til i wither. Too bad it doesn't get much playtime these days and rarely gets the respect it so deserves. I have grown a fondness for Leftfield too. Been left with nothing but awe and fascination with the timelessness of their music. Leftism, the eternal One On One of course, Paul Van Funk's Tribal Wave, Bargrooves, selected tracks from Latino House Sessions, numerous other, and I adore David Alvarado and his mixes! Truly, music refreshes & nourishes the soul. Ü

♪ good vibes ♫