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Ultra Music Festival & AERIAL7 DJ Competition

Ultra Music Festival & AERIAL7 DJ Competition

Playing tracks by

Lil Jon Vs Nicky Romero , Nicky Romero x Tonite Only x Chelley , Zedd, Childish Gambino vs Zedd , Manila Killa and more.


My name is Josh (DJ TRUESKIES) and this is my mix for the Ultra Music Festival & Aerial7 DJ Competition!

Quick info
This mix was recorded 100% live internaly in Traktor. The equipment I use to perform are an Akai APC 40 custom mapped and an Akai MPK keyboard mini for extra buttons and knobs to map. My master volume was set to -2 DB and the gains on each track where adjusted by me to allow headroom for FX and/or mixing/sample triggers.


My Samples (Sample decks C and D) consisted of one simple bang fade out (kick with alot of reverb and about 5 sec decay time) <used 3 times>

I envisioned this mix as a stage performance (like Ultra) so I came in with an "introduction" and built it up.

I am a 19 year-old college student at James Madison University, Representing my home town Arlington, VA and the JMU Party Cartel.

I hope you all enjoy! Please like/favorite and drop a comment if you dig the mix!


Carmelo Carone

GOOD DJSET ..U GOT my VOTE.. if u like it...VOTE my DJSET too ....
TNX 4 YOUR support & GOOD LUCK!

Josh Braden Official

Thanks everyone for commenting and feedback

Also, best of luck to all competitors!

Brendan Soplain McGuire

EVeryday im shuffling... too and from work listening to this mix

Brendan Soplain McGuire

gimmia moar

Josh Braden Official

awesome! thanks for all of the feedback everyone!

@DJ Noah and Hibbity I definitely see where you are coming from and can agree. For this competition, I felt I needed to bring more mash-ups and familiar sounds to appeal to a large audience (stated in the competition entry rules). I would encourage you to notice that I used about 17 tracks total, because in 30 minutes, I felt I didn't have enough time to showcase much of my originality and technical ability if i let those epic EDM take over the entirety of my mix. I agree those tracks are awesome, but to be honest, its very easy to mix them and if this wasn't a competition I might just build a set like that!

I am very happy with the response and feedback that you all have provided!! Much Respect!

Good luck to all competitors! <3

Pulse Energy: with DJ Noah

Great transitions and lots of good mashups! But to me EDM is about the ride and the energy that you get from a track, and when you quick mix all mashups you definitely loose a lot of that magic :/


Cool intro. Transition into Breakin A Sweat is kinda awkward just cuz of the conflicting keys of both songs but its all good, pretty smooth tranny. Actually all your transitions are smooth, good work. This mix is definitely one that would blow up the club. The genre is definitely not our favorite but for what it is, definitely one of the better mixes we've heard in the whole comp. We just wanna say Awooga is super wack :p but all in all pretty solid mix. 7/10. Good luck in the rest of the comp! Thanks for the feedback.

Josh Braden Official

@Nostromo Yeahman MAKJ is awesome!!


Nice MAKJ intro!

Alice Minium

oh my god this is sexy.