Pop Muzik January 2022

Pop Muzik January 2022

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Pop Muzik January 2022

As broadcasted, live, on Kilburn to Kensal Radio, London NW6 on Monday January 24th. With new and new-ish music from Melody's Echo Chamber, Grandaddy, Waxahatchee, Altin Gün, Snow Coats and more. Album of the Month is Nos Rencontres by Feutre.


Playing tracks by Ronnie Spector, Humdrum, Melody's Echo Chamber, Love, Burns, Bridge Dog and more.


Pop Muzik

Ronnie Spector - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
Humdrum - Wave Goodbye
Melody's Echo Chamber - Looking Backward
Love, Burns - Dear Claire
Bridge Dog - Help Save Belle
Feutre - Acte 1
Vinyl Williams - Exopalace
The Scorpios - Mashena:We Want
Jordana & TV Girl - Lo on the Hi-way
Grandaddy - Blindness
Kit Sebastian - French Disko
Waxahatchee - Up in the Sky
The Dixie Cups - Two-Way-Poc-A-Way
Cults - Beach Ball
Modern Nature - Performance
Blair Parkes - no plans
The High Water Marks - Reason vs Truth
Feutre - Te fuir
LA FEMME - Trop de peine
Studio Electrophonique - Happier Things
Altın Gün - Bulunur Mu
Orange Crate Art - Disjointed Perception Catalyst
Snow Coats - Anyway
Crake - Winter's Song
Wombo - One of These
The Soundcarriers - Waves
Seaboy & Nyame Bekyere - Tinitini
seablite - Ink Bleeds
Apollo Ghosts - Spilling Yr Guts
Unidentified members of the royal flutes and drums ensemble - Akwana omwami tagayala
Autumnmnmn - Letters From Me To Charlotte (RSVP)
Feutre - Les regards étrangers
Sun Ra - The Soul Vibrations of Man