Pop Muzik 25th October 2021

Pop Muzik 25th October 2021

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Pop Muzik 25th October 2021

As broadcasted - Live! From a temporary studio that is a bit too echo-y tbh - on Kilburn to Kensal radio, London NW6 on Monday October 25th 2021. With new and new-ish music from the High Water Marks, Kokoko!, Jane Weaver, the Notwist, La Luz, the Tara Clarkin Trio and more. Album of the Month is Ookkii Gekkou by Vanishing Twin.


Playing tracks by Black Box Recorder, Sweet Nobody, The High Water Marks, The Exbats, Habibi and more.


John Hartmann

Great stuff.

Pop Muzik

Black Box Recorder - Uptown Top Ranking
Sweet Nobody - Five Star Diary
The High Water Marks - Jenny
The Exbats - Coolsville USA
Habibi - Somewhere They Can't Find Us
Vanishing Twin - The Lift
Pia Fraus - Deep Purple Girl
Etran De L'Air - Toubouk Ine Chihoussay
Kokoko! - Donne Me
The Very Most ft. Alison Eales - Needs Help
Jane Weaver - The Lexical Distance
The Kondi Band - Everything That Sierra Leone Has
Echt! - Permanent
David Christian & The Pinecone Orchestra - In My Hermit Hours
Colatura - The Met
Vanishing Twin - Zuum
The Notwist - Ship (Odd Nosdam Remix)
La Luz - Metal Man
Lucas Tala - Woman Be Fire
Laetitia Sadier - New Moon
Tara Clerkin Trio - Night Steps
Corridor - Et Hop
Taraka - So Happy For You
Kristine Leschper - Figure and I
El Dragon Criollo - Cumbia Fantasia
Night Palace - Enjoy The Moon
Drug Store Romeos - Secret Plan
Dark Tea - Buying a Gun
Vanishing Twin - In Cucina
El Michels Affair - Messy Grass